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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
- Carl Sagan

Inspired by the seemingly bottomless well of reports of otherworldly visitors to our planet, particularly the Dover Demon sighting of 1977, and taking its name from the Aurora, TX UFO crash in 1897, this is the concept we provided to artist Par Olofsson for the creation of the album cover.

An extra-dimensional entity finds itself trapped on Earth while on a mission to assess suitability for invasion. The entity had been observing humanity remotely, but as war planning reached a critical state, it made several physical sorties to key urban and military locations. The story is initially told from the perspective of this creature, a writhing humanoid suddenly materializing on the street in a large urban area. The people of Earth panic and run screaming from the creature - from his perspective, each Earth lifeform he observes is more gruesome than the last. The creature frantically uses his fail-safe neural routines to send a distress signal back home while police converge on the area.

The SOS is answered and a wormhole opens above the city. The humanoid form rises from the ground to the shock of the terrified onlookers and rises toward the glowing portal. From the portal itself, other members of the entity's faction are visible as bizarre tentacles, insectoid eyes, and other strange appendages spill out of the portal to grasp the humanoid and return through the portal.

The perspective shifts to that of the human observers of this event and the horror and loss of innocence that comes from finally understanding that the skies are not empty, they certainly aren't filled with benevolent patrons with our best interests at heart, and that we are hopelessly outmatched.


Lost contact
Through wormholes
It's on the ground

Writhing humanoid
Outside of its own time
In desolation

The freakish masses stare
In obscene contraptions
Looking out
Seething, beady eyes
Full of contempt
I hear them run away
Uttering angry noises
Hiding behind their structures
Awaiting death

The freakish masses stare
So many creatures
Each one more gruesome than the last

Following the path
Trapped inside a nightmare
My hopes are fading fast
Neural transmissions
Remain unanswered
My only vision
The waste below my feet
The waste below my feet

Prayer for termination

The skies begin to brighten
A glimmer in my senses
Looking to the stars
I catch transmissions
Dimensions start to blur
Back to the wormhole

Following the path
I must escape this nightmare
My hopes return at last
Neural transmissions
Finally answered
I'm headed home

What is this freakish thing
That breathes within our midst
Strikes fear into our hearts
We've been invaded

Such tiny eyes fixed upon the heavens
What we see is nothing

Dimensions crossing
In freak collisions
Bringing to light
Worlds beyond imagination

The vast emptiness
Is only empty to those
Who wish it so


from Cosmic Horror, released April 8, 2014
lyrics: de Vries / music: Skildum



all rights reserved


Antiverse Minneapolis, Minnesota

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